Explosive Growth in User-Generated Content Fueling Demand for Customized Books

San Francisco, Calif., and Phoenix, Ariz.,
February 06, 2006

Blurb Inc., a newly launched software and services company bringing book publishing to the masses, previewed its offering today at the prestigious DEMO 2006 conference. Blurb puts a professional press and global distribution in the hands of every blogger, cook, photographer, parent, traveler, poet, pet owner, marketer – in fact, everyone. Blurb offers the public the opportunity to quickly and affordably create, publish, share and ultimately market professional quality books. Blurb is currently in late stage BETA, with general availability planned for early March. Details are available at

“Holding a professionally-printed book with your name on the cover is a truly amazing feeling – it’s one of those experiences everyone should have,” said Blurb CEO and founder Eileen Gittins. “Already we can create our own iMovies, blogs, Podcasts, and playlists in no time. Why not books? At Blurb, we’re bringing publishing in line with those dreams and expectations.”

Technology now allows average consumers to capture every moment and memory – a trend called “life caching” that spans technology-savvy Generations X and Y, as well as the many Baby Boomers now reflecting on their legacies at age 60. The volume of this content is overwhelming: Technorati is tracking more than 26 million blogs, and the Photo Marketing Association estimates 20 billion digital images were taken last year. Yet all these ideas and images are at risk of being lost, with digital formats and platforms becoming obsolete without warning.

Books remain the most reliable way to not only capture, but also share our knowledge and experience for months, years and generations to come. Since traditional publishing requires substantial time, technical skills, funds, and personal connections, it has remained an option available only to an elite few. But today Blurb announced its populist publishing service will provide a fast, affordable way to create books to share, sell for profit, and use as fundraising vehicles or promotional tools.

The centerpiece of Blurb’s publishing service is its BookSmart® software, which turns blogs, recipes, photos, stories, emails, wikis, or any other content into a professional quality book in minutes. Each book is printed on demand, in any quantity – whether that’s one, a couple dozen, a few hundred, or several thousand. The bookmaking application allows users to drag and drop content into professionally designed pages. No two books will look alike-each book is a unique creation, with customizable layouts, backgrounds, fonts, and color palettes.

The initial release of the BookSmart software is only the first element in what Gittins refers to as the “BlurbNation” – a community of people with a passion for making, reading, sharing and selling books. “Blurb’s economic and social model has big implications for the future of books and the economics of sharing, leveraging a wealth of open-sourced content,” said Gittins.

“At DEMO, we are seeing increasing alignment of digital content and online communities with traditional media and offline interactions,” said DEMO Executive Producer Chris Shipley. “Blurb is at the forefront of this movement, putting the power of traditional publishing in the hands of any individual, community, or business with a Web connection.”

About Blurb®

Blurb® is a self-publishing platform and creative community that enables individuals to design, publish, share, sell, and distribute photo books, trade books, and magazines in both print and digital formats across the globe using its free, innovative book creation and layout tools. Founded in 2005 by Executive Chairman, Eileen Gittins, Blurb has nearly 2 million independent book authors worldwide, resulting in 3.9 million unique book titles, with more than 14 million units shipped to 80 countries around the world. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and can be found online at