Photographer Larry Fink Teams with Blurb® and Fotovision to Publish his Latest Book, "Night at the Met"

Book launch event on April 24, at the U.C. Berkeley School of Journalism, featuring special edition books, signed prints

San Francisco, Calif.
April 16, 2009

Esteemed photographer Larry Fink today announced his latest book, "Night at the Met," published using creative publishing and marketing platform Blurb®. Fink, who has been awarded two Guggenheim fellowships and two National Endowment of the Arts grants, produced the book in collaboration with Fotovision, a Bay Area nonprofit created to support photographers interested in documenting the world. "Night at the Met" is a unique look at the ritual of the donor party at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.


The book launch event will take place on April 24th at the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. The event will be hosted by Fotovision and Blurb, featuring a lecture by Larry Fink, live music and a cocktail reception. Fink will be signing a set of 100 special edition books. Each book comes with a signed, original black and white chromogenic print. The special edition books and prints will be available at the event for a very special price of $115. Following the event, unsigned copies of "Night at the Met" will be available in the Blurb Bookstore at

Night at the Met captures what Larry Fink describes as "The night of photography." Through Fink's playful and original imagery, and through the process of creating the book, "Night at the Met" presents not only the night of photography, but a look at the world of photography.

"Being so engaged in the bookmaking experience has been fantastic, and Blurb's print quality is truly professional-quality," says Fink. "Night at the Met is a smaller body of work that frankly would never have been published using traditional models. With the help of the Fotovision team and Blurb, we were able to make a relevant and interesting book that's very appealing to collectors and fans."

"Our goal was to create a book that would empower the featured artist – Larry Fink – in an entirely new way," said Melanie Light, Executive Director, Fotovsion. "Blurb's speed and flexibility has been critical to the success of this project. Blurb gave us the control to create exactly the book we wanted to make – a book unlike any of Larry's other published works. At a time when donors and foundations are cutting back, Blurb's platform presented a great way for us to generate additional revenue with no up-front investment."

Blurb continues to create content partnerships with established photographers, musicians, and celebrities – enabling everyone to take the bookmaking process into their own hands. Recent projects have included collectors' edition concert books by The DEAD – featuring original Grateful Dead members Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart, and Bill Kreutzmann – and longtime Grateful Dead photographer Jay Blakesberg; and NPR's The Kitchen Sister's book, "Hidden Kitchens: Texas."

To create and publish a Blurb book, start by downloading Blurb BookSmart® software from the The Blurb BookSmart software is free, runs on a Mac or PC, and offers a wide variety of book layouts created by professional book designers. Blurb delivers the permanence and impact of commercial-quality books, with the speed and flexibility of the Internet. Using Blurb, customers enjoy complete creative control, no minimum orders, edit on-the-fly capabilities, mass customization, and global distribution.

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