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Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and a tremendously popular site for discovering and purchasing books. Making your book available on Amazon means that it can be found (and bought) by customers beyond your immediate audience.

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What books are eligible for the Blurb to Amazon program?

Photo paper books in our Small Square, Standard Portrait, Standard Landscape, Large Landscape, and Large Square book sizes are eligible. Trade books are eligible for the Global Retail Network program.

What is the cost of the Blurb to Amazon program?

The program is free for a limited time.

Will I get a proof copy of my book?

We strongly recommend purchasing and reviewing a copy of your book before listing it for sale. You are responsible for purchasing any copies of your book yourself.

Do I need to add an ISBN?

An ISBN is required to sell a book on Amazon. When you enroll your book in the Blurb to Amazon program, it will be assigned an ISBN, free of charge. If you have already purchased an ISBN for your book yourself, you may use that instead of the Blurb-assigned ISBN.

How much should I set the price of my book for?

It’s important for an author to be the party responsible for pricing his or her book. We can’t provide you with an easy formula to pick a price or your mark-up. Do some market research, online and in local bookstores, to see how much other books like yours are being sold for. Our only requirement is that you set a price greater or equal to your minimum list price. We have a great blog post on pricing here.

What is a minimum list price?

A minimum list price is the least amount that your book can be sold for on Amazon. It includes the base cost of the book itself and Amazon's share. If you sell a book at the minimum list price, you will not earn a profit.

What will the actual sale price of my book be?

If the price you set for your book is in USD, that is the price that will be displayed on Amazon. If your default currency is not USD, the price of your book will adjust monthly based on the current FX rate. Amazon does not discount or change the selling price of a book submitted through the Blurb to Amazon program.

How much of a share does everyone else get? How is that calculated?

The Amazon price includes the base cost of the book, your author profit, and selling fees to Amazon. Amazon’s selling fees are comprised of 15% of the list price, plus a handling fee.

I submitted my book to be listed on Amazon. What happens next?

Unless there is a technical problem, your book should appear on Amazon within 7 days. (We’ll notify you in the off chance that there is a problem).

Can I list an ebook format of my book for sale on Amazon?

Yes. Using Blurb BookWright, you can import an RTF file to create your book, then export it for conversion to a reflowable ebook for the Amazon Kindle. We'll send you a file that you can take to Kindle Direct Publishing and set up for sale yourself. This is only for reflowable ebooks. You can learn more about that here.

Can I list my book with Blurb and Amazon at the same time?

Yes, we have a handy FAQ here.

How do I find my book listing on Amazon?

You won’t get a notification when your book is available on Amazon, but it should be available within four days of your submission. To find your book on Amazon, search for your author name or book title.

Will I be able to tell when there have been sales of my book?

Sales will be displayed on your book sales page. Sales will be accrued as profit once the transactions are closed.

How and when should I expect to receive payment for sales of my book?

Sales will be displayed as pending on your book sales page once an order has been submitted. Sales will be accrued as profit once the transactions are closed, usually about 30 days after the sale.

What if I need to make a change to my book?

After your book has been listed on Amazon, it’s not possible to make any changes to the contents of the book itself. If you must make a change, you would need to contact support to request that your listing be removed. Then make any edits, upload again, and submit a new enrollment (including the enrollment fee).

How do I remove a book listing on Amazon?

Contact Customer Support.

Can I sell my book in my local bookstore or other online retail sites?

The Blurb to Amazon program is the only option for photo paper books. Trade books are eligible for the Global Retail Network, which you can learn more about here.

You can, of course, take a copy of your book into your local bookstore to see if they would be interested in selling it.

What happens if an Amazon customer has a problem with my book or makes a return?

Amazon's customers should work with Amazon directly for any customer service help, including returns.

Amazon permits a thirty day window in which returns can be made. In the case that your book is returned to Amazon, any profits you earned would display as pending, but would then be removed.

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