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The Messier Objects are a small category of very large and, at the time of the creation of Charles Messier's list, unknown objects in space. The messiest objects are a very large category of smaller known objects which I took pictures of right here on Earth. The Earth, being rather overfull of organic compounds that seem to enjoy bonding together to make larger structures out of themselves, is fairly messy compared to space. Hence the category.

So herein lie, in no particular order other than that which was my pleasure to arrange, some of the pictures that I like best of my travels from 1996 to the present in 33 different countries, which are unfortunately not all represented. Liechtenstein, for example, did not make the cut as I fear that nothing but a bottle of wine and a cheeseburger to eat for 24 hours had rendered my shutter finger quite inadequate to the task. Neither did the United Arab Emirates nor Mexico, but those are other matters entirely.

So hopefully you've enjoyed the back cover blurb, and I wish you well on the treacherous photographic browse upon which I pray you still wish to embark. I suggest you begin by turning over the book to the front cover and having a go at it from there. But that is, of course, entirely at your own risk.


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Michael Williams

Publish Date  November 24, 2009

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  80 pgs   Premium Paper, matte finish

Category  Travel

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