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Light Reflection - Lichtreflexion
San Francisco Bay - Moments in Sun Light
- Augenblicke im Sonnenlicht

San Francisco Bay Area is a meditation in the light of the sun. Light Reflection is the mirror of the Self taking a walk in the sunshine.
Beautiful hiking trails in the Bay Area of San Francisco expand the view to the horizon. Each view is a breathtaking new discovery. Allow yourself to be mesmerized by the beauty of the nature and the City. The fast changing weather of a new fresh ocean breeze brings the wind, the fog and the play of sunlight, like an ocean of gold glitter dancing on water as a glimpse of a Golden Gate.
The dance of Light Reflection - is the magic of light which mesmerized myself on numerous new walks, and became an unexpected dairy of moments in sun light. Come and discover a new path with me.

Die Bay von San Francisco ist eine Meditation im Licht der Sonne. Lichtreflexion ist wie ein Spaziergang in der Sonne ein Spiegel des Selbst.

Daniela Haskara

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