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This book is a collection of my writing from age 13 to 21. Most of it is taken from my journals, some of it is from papers I wrote while I was in school and desperate to get out. It follows me thru life from the days when there was no sunshine to the day when I turned 18 and the clouds finally cleared up and I found happiness. My happiness was found my getting out of the small town that jailed me (not literally, but figuratively because I was under 18 and had no freedom to move), and moving back to the East Coast and a city where I felt comfortable and fit in and made a life for myself. Great read for anyone who feels hopeless and wants inspiration to find hope again, or for anyone who feels outcasted and alone. Also great read for anyone studying psychology, since this book contains the writing of a teenage girl growing up in America in a broken home, poor, without family support, without friends, and at one point, without hope. It shows that with determination, a person can get thru anything.


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