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This book was created to help young children learn the importance of washing their hands regularly to keep themselves and others healthy. It is animated in full color and is worded in rhyme to keep your child's attention. The book includes a rhyming song on the final page to help kids learn the approximate time needed to effectively wash their hands. It is fun to read and easy to learn! Children and parents alike will enjoy it! For children ages 2-7.


About the Author

Arcenia Alvarez
EverSoul Texas
I believe in the sanctity of reading. I was taught at a very early age to rely and enjoy books, as their content serves as a source of education and entertainment.

Publish Date  November 25, 2009

Dimensions  Small Square  20 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Children

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Comments (3)


HerminiaPena says

Wow! I canot believe Little Arcie that I knew since, your Mom Adela was PG with you. I have none, your mom since our child hood. And now you have the gift to write a child"s Book. It is wonderful that you and your father are able to share the work on this wonderful making of this book. It gives our children the important of washing their hands. I will order a hardcopy too. I wish you the best, looking forward to share it with my grandchildren. God Bless. Keep the good work and keep making your family + Friends proud. I know I am.

posted at 05:32pm Feb 18 PST


JoseAlvarez says

Nice!!!! Just ordered a hardcopy. I will be sharing it with my three grandkids (four grandkids after April). Looking forward to reading it with them. Keep it up Arcie... I'm proud of you!!

posted at 01:11pm Jan 20 PST


myadela says

What a great idea you came up with! With the flu, swine flu, and all the germs out there, our young kids need to know how important it is to wash their hands. This is a great Christmas, birthday, just because gift that will teach our young ones how to take care of themselves. Thanks mija for thinking of the little ones. You and your Dad did a wonderful job. God Bless. (Mommy)

posted at 12:25pm Nov 26 PST


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