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Release from Pithos has a narrative that was influenced by the Greek myth, Pandora’s Box. The story is about Pandora, a woman created in the vision of beauty, elegance, and curiosity and is given a jar by the Gods. She was advised by Zeus not open this jar, though it was difficult for her not to look inside. As the jar was opened, a rush of evils was unleashed onto world, things like ills, diseases, and burdensome labor which mankind was not familiar with. A frighten Pandora immediately closed the lid on the jar, but it was also said that “hope” lay at the bottom. Though the world for mortals was left in suffering.
The title of this book uses the Greek word, Pithos, a large jar. An early archeologist misinterpreted the word and the story was known as Pandora’s Box. Pithos is a large storage jar with distinctive shapes and characteristic of its possessor. My title Release from Pithos, represents the unveiling of my creative work. My imagination, ideas of color, style, and dramatics are released onto this book to be shared with you, my viewers.


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Marvin Castro
MarvCast Los Angeles, New York City, New Jersey

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