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The Human Journey is the archetypal Path that unites us all as Human Beings. It is a Journey of the Human Spirit's evolution, accessed through a series of 3D-Portals composed of vivid visceral art, poetry and prose. This work is channeled from the Universal Consciousness by a visionary artist Nika One after a near-death experience that has transformed her life dramatically. After passing through a tremendous Dark Night of the Soul and experiencing true suffering, Nika saw a vision of the World where instantaneous awakening was possible without suffering - simply by becoming fully Present and Conscious. She saw clearly that this message is by nature cross-cultural, cross-lingual and asks to be delivered as such. She has thus surrendered her "past life" identity of a neuroscientist and surgeon to let the message through into the World as a series of large mixed media art installations. Enjoy the Journey and find out where you are.


About the Author

Nika One
TimelessOne San Francisco, CA, 94107

Nika One is a visionary artist of Transformation. A neuroscientist, mathematician and surgeon by training, Nika has surrendered her "past life" identity upon the passage through a Dark Night of the Soul to transmit The Human Journey message into the world wholeheartedly. Nika is a genuine Renaissance woman who lives on the edge of chaos, in the state of perpetual rapid evolution."The Human Journey" is a message that has jolted her out of the Dark NIght of the Soul, as she had "downloaded" a vision of a world where suffering would not be a necessary prerequisite to Awakening. She saw another way - that of Presence and Recognition. The message has come to her perfect, whole and complete in the form of visceral images and poetry as the roadmap to those images. "The Human Journey" is an energetic path of the Human Spirit through its major stages of evolution. It is an archetypal journey that unites us all as human beings. Where are you on this Path? Read on to find out.

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TimelessOne says

Dear Dominique,

Thank you for your thoughts - I am inspired by your words. I would love to see your book when it appears. I hear you about "channeling" - we are simply downloading from a much bigger space, it seems. Terminals to a supercomputer, if you will.

Wishing you luck!


posted at 08:50am Nov 29 PST


DBerton says

Hello, I was presently surprised to see the cover of your book. It looked like one of my own drawings. I've been drawing for a couple of years now but still feel very insecure about it. My son always asks me to tell him how I make the image apear. The silly thing about it is that I don't. I never seem to know what's going to emurge form the page. Like sculpting I suppose. I also write poetry and am working on my book as we speek. Your book has encouraged me to finnish my own. Thank you. (Dominique)

posted at 10:55pm Nov 28 PST


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