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for Native Americans, the Great Mystery is the power or the sacredness which resides in everything.
It is what gives and maintains life.
It is Lao Tzu’s Great Tao...
It is this infinite mystery that has never ceased to intrigue scientists, religious people, philosophers, and contemplatives across centuries.

May the photographies in this book pay an humble homage to this Great Mystery, like the words of a poet would, and allow us even briefly to catch a glimpse of it...

«The essential is enigma»
Lao Tzu

Pour les natifs américains, le Grand Mystère est le pouvoir ou le sacré qui réside en chaque chose, ce qui donne et maintient la vie.
C’est le Grand Tao de Lao Tseu...
C’est ce mystère insondable qui n’a cessé d’intriguer scientifiques, religieux, philosophes et contemplatifs au cours des siècles.

Puissent les photographies de ce livre rendre un humble hommage à ce Grand Mystère, comme le feraient les mots d’un poète et nous permettre, ne serait ce que furtivement, de nous en approcher un petit peu....

«L’essentiel est énigme»
Lao Tseu


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Rene Collin
renecollin Paris, France

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iching00 says

I used to love your pictures and was sure first or then, you had to make a book like this...and it's so beautiful: full with emotions,!Congratulations René, it will be my xmas gift (for me of course)...ciao!!

posted at 11:06am Dec 05 PST


BaronZilief says

I'm happy to know Run. He's a great guy and a nice person. I like to think the people he met around the world share my opinion about him. I know his camera sees holyness, in a way that never had been so funny, or so full of love. Look for his pics on flickr to see what I'm talking about. If you love b&w photography, people or sharing a vision, get the book as fast as you can !

posted at 10:30am Nov 29 PST


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