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Perhaps the most risky field of kinetic photography is that of camera
tossing, in which the photographer literally throws their equipment
into the air in hopes of producing an artistic looking image. Many
camera tosses take place at night, when the camera is able to capture
light with a long exposure, resulting in streaks of hypnotizing light
patterns. The basics include using a timer or slow shutter speed,
pressing the shutter button and quickly throwing the camera into the
air (during, or just before, the photograph is exposed) and then
catching the camera before it hits the ground.


About the Author

Mark Paulda
mpaulda El Paso, Texas USA

Well known in the El Paso area for designing and producing creative and distinctive special events, Mark Paulda has turned to photography as a creative outlet. Photography has always been an interest of Mark's, but learning from world class photographers in London, England he discovered a passion behind the lens. Capturing scenes from a different perspective is key and Mark continually finds new ways to show the viewer the familiar.

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