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The Law of Gravity is immutable. Without gravity, the entire world would break apart and float off into the cosmos. Yet, while holding everything together, as Sir Issac Newton discovered, gravity can cause unexpected things to happen. Sometimes the result is only a bump on the head. Other times, one's eyes are opened to a whole new perspective on life, love, and the earth in which we live.

In this beauitful set of images, Lisa Marie and Carrie Kellar explore an unexpected gift that has fallen upon them. But the same gravity that brought them this gift also keeps them bound to the earth, unable to become immortal. Ah, if only the goddess Aphrodite would help!


About the Author

Charles Letbetter
CharlesLetbe Indianapolis, IN USA

charles i. letbetter is a veteran photographer with a penchant for coffee and scotch, though not at the same time. He also indulges heavily in chocolate and aggressively attacks his colon with red meat. When not taking or processing pictures, charles still enjoys sitting at a piano, telling stories, and falling dead asleep in inappropriately public places.

Publish Date  December 01, 2009

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  128 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

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