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Reason and Passion have been at odds with each other since the first human formed the first thought. Both need Truth to exist, for without it they would be plunged into darkness and rendered irrelevant. So, both Reason and Passion struggle to capture as much of the Light, which holds Truth, as they possibly can, while leaving the other cold and powerless.

The path of Reason and Passion is led by the Light, which they have no choice but to follow. Yet, despite holding the Truth of the universe, Light will not, and cannot, give to one and not the other, leaving them to forever argue as they struggle to themselves guide humanity toward the Light.

Ever the instigator, Light leads them down a path of wondering, along the way introducing topics such as Life, Death, Family, Community, Crime, Punishment, and even an attempt to define exactly what is Real.

Their arguments are beautifully illustrated by the unique photographic art of charles i. letbetter, in this first book of the Singly Light Trinity, featuring Lisa Marie, Diablo Diangakis is her counterpart for this book taking the viewer on a journey of philosophy and art.


About the Author

Charles Letbetter
CharlesLetbe Indianapolis, IN USA
charles i. letbetter is a veteran photographer with a penchant for coffee and scotch, though not at the same time. He also indulges heavily in chocolate and aggressively attacks his colon with red meat. When not taking or processing pictures, charles still enjoys sitting at a piano, telling stories, and falling dead asleep in inappropriately public places.

Publish Date  December 01, 2009

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  130 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

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