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For some, treasured possessions can be mobilised from one space to another and ‘home’ can be quickly re-established in a different time and space.
For others, material possessions have little value.
Familiar sights, sounds and memories permeate the very fabric of existence from birth to death and, confined within a discreet space, cosseted from the elements, such a space (and no other) may well become “Home”.
As I realised how fortunate in life I have been with all the comforts of a secure loving home, I began to think about those souls who were often institutionalised for no greater sin than being less able or perhaps plagued by mental illness. I searched out a number of locations within travelling distance of my home and beyond.
Manicomio is a series of images taken inside a number of abandoned mental asylums. These eerie desolate and derelict buildings are most often spread across a fair acreage of quiet rural countryside. Built sufficiently out of the way to ease the social conscience, traces of former inhabitants remain both inside and externally in the grounds. Some poor souls remained in locked rooms or wards –‘for their own safety’ while others may have been afforded the luxury of walking out of doors in a secure, permitted area. Many of these people were abandoned and forgotten. These ‘skeletons in the cupboard’ often lived a whole lifetime and died in an asylum which was the only home they had ever really known.
The book is dedicated to those forgotten residents of such institutions and also to those ghosts who remain visible and invisible in the cold interiors and shifting gauzy light.


About the Author

Hamish Scott-Brown
hscottbrown United Kingdom
Graduate in Photography and Film. Formerly Principal University Lecturer & Pathway Leader . (UK) Post Graduate MA (Photog) - Sept 2010 Fellowship FBIPP- Oct 2010 Fellowship FMPA The Master Photographers Association - Dec 2010 Associate ARPS The Royal Photographic Society

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GwilymWM says

Hamish's work captures the atmosphere of abandonment and depression which pours out of those desolate rooms. His work, some of which I was very privileged to see in development, is a stunning amalgam of art and photography.

posted at 09:21am Dec 20 PST


inflagrante says

Hamish was among my most gifted and creative students.
He has great insight and understanding which shows in the sensitivity of his images.
a contemporary ay of Nick Knight - he holds his own here
David Pratt

posted at 03:39am Dec 17 PST


maczhb says

impressive photos

posted at 03:29am Dec 17 PST


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