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Beautiful photo books don’t happen by accident. Talented people invest time and intent using proven design tenets, and the results can be spectacular.

To help you up your bookmaking game, we’ve tapped our network of photographers and book designers and collected their best advice on everything from sequencing and layouts to typography and cover design. “How to Make a Gorgeous Photo Book” includes plenty of tips, tricks, and information to push your creative edge and help you design beautiful books that showcase your best work.


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When we're not working or making books, we are all over the map. Literally and figuratively. The Blurberati are world travelers, musicians, writers, photographers, brides, parents, cyclists, vegetarians, carnivores, readers, massage therapists, martial artists, newlyweds, art teachers, grad students, dancers, volunteers, activists, bloggers, all over Flickr, pundits, wii freaks, artists, swimmers, animal lovers, stuffed animal lovers, good friends, foosball warriors, arm wrestlers, and we indulge in cocktails and beer, on occasion. Blurb is where we converge.

Publish Date  December 02, 2009

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  80 pgs   Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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mousebirds says

I would like to buy the softcover version of your book but the checkout is not working on this site. I checked and they have the hardcover version which is too expensive, especially since there is a soft cover version. I submitted an email to Blurb about the checkout, and am awaiting on a reply....but if I don't get a response do you have a copy you can send me? My email is:

posted at 08:37am Mar 07 PST


fotosf says

To expand on my comment - the background for the chapter headers were images created in Photoshop. You can use this technique in BookSmart by just importing the image as you would any photograph.

posted at 09:09am Nov 12 PST


fotosf says

Sorry – somehow i missed your comment. Because of the amount of text, this book was designed using Adobe InDesign.

posted at 09:04am Nov 12 PST


randmm says

jeez; i can't believe the staff hasn't answered your question and you posted this question months ago!

posted at 12:12am Nov 12 PST


UCIAlum85 says

Sorry if this is a dumb questions, but was this book created with booksmart? I have used booksmart to create a few books, but nothing with different colored backgrounds like in this book. Is this possible in booksmart?

posted at 09:31am Mar 30 PST

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