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It’s all in a day’s work for celebrity photographers, who regularly grace red carpets and are granted inside access to exclusive events, concerts, and parties.

The Photographer Project,
the new coffee table staple from photographer Brian Ach, consists of full-length studio portraits of entertainment photographers who are based in New York City, along with ten standardized questions they answered about celebrities and celebrity photography.

The Photographer Project
prompted over 60 photographers to
answer questions such as:

“Which celebrity undeservedly gets a bad rap?”
“Who is your favorite/least favorite
celebrity to photograph and why?”
“Tell, please, in detail, about the most crazy,
interesting, funny, odd, or touching celebrity
story that you have been part of.”

The Photographer Project was conceived as a way to raise funds for Mr. Paul Hawthorne, who was an entertainment photographer in NYC, and one of the best.

Paul passed away at the age of 42 from amyloidosis, a rare blood disease, leaving behind a wife and two sons. Proceeds from this book after printing are being donated to Paul's family to help with medical bills and future costs.

The Photographer Project
gives the tabloid-hungry public a unique,
exclusive glimpse into the world of celebrities
and entertainment photography.


About the Author

Brian Ach Photography, Inc.
achman Brooklyn, NYC

Brian Ach is a leading editorial and commercial photographer working out of New York City.

His work with Getty Images and Wireimage has been seen in every major publication across the country and throughout the world.

His work consists of studio and environmental portraiture, travel, automobile, and advertising.

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ichelle says

What an amazing idea. This is a fascinating glimpse inside the world of celebrity- seen from a completely different angle. This book is funny, honest, smart and poignant. Fabulous portraits - a great tribute to these hard-working photographers. Highly recommended!

posted at 12:22pm Dec 06 PST


mwv115 says

See the other side of the velvet rope. These are the real monkeys slapping the grease on the fame machine. If you ever were interested in celebrity culture, get this book. If you ever wanted to know how do these photographers do what they do or where did they come from... get this book. If you ever, for a second, thought you could do what these people do on a regular basis... get this book. Hilarious and interesting. What are you doing reading this still? GET THIS BOOK!

posted at 11:17pm Dec 03 PST


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