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This is a beautiful book that is amazing, informative, and funny, and is about the about the many arts of a modern renaissance artist, Joseph Clark Kenyon.
It includes images of the many fine art pieces he has created over a period of more than 30 years. The artworks include sculptures in ceramics, metals and wood, fine art photographs (large format 8"x10" negative format using an antique 1906 view camera),
Oil paintings in many styles and subject matter and his unbelievable "treasure arts".
Mr Kenyon's "Treasure arts" include real silver, gold, and precious stone encrusted genuine Jeweled Swords, real wearable jewel encrusted crowns and much more! Read on!
This book is the epitome of a genuine coffee table art book.
It is packed with full color- full page photographs, and includes many of the fine art paintings, selected poetry, sculptures, fine art B&W specialty photography (as well as full color prints), and also includes images of the custom made specialty cameras which were hand made by the artist himself, to create some of the works featured, one of which includes a 1906 large format camera which was given to him by his college professor which Mr. Kenyon rebuilt himself which uses 8" by 10" film negatives.
The artists metalwork arts, which is where this book gets its title- "Treasures", include genuine full sized hand forged jeweled swords, jeweled daggers, jeweled silver and gold crowns, jeweled silver collars and much more, and all of which are made from hand hammered pure silver, hammered gold, platinum, hand forged steel, copper, carved brass and much more. All of the metalwork pieces shown are encrusted with genuine precious gems including diamonds, rubies , sapphires, emeralds and much more!
This is a must see book!
Each of the jeweled swords in this book took a minimum of a year to create! (A few took longer, and one jeweled sword took 2-1/2 years to create!)
Mr Kenyon is Truly a modern renaissance artist and this book is a must have for any collector. One of his most famous works, (the jeweled sword named Blood Kiss), is a hand hammered, silver handled, double edged broad sword which took Mr Kenyon more than 2 and 1/2 years to make and was given to his friend and mentor Frank Frazetta, to commemorate Mr. Frazetta's 80th birthday. This sword contains (among many other things) 2 solid gold custom made coins which were mounted directly on the swords blade near the handle. This sword also contains more than 30 diamonds, several sapphires, and almost 20 tanzanite stones.
( This sword is on permanent display in the Frank Frazetta Museum.)

This book is large and measures 1 foot high by 1 foot wide, comes in hard cover only and is officially Copyrighted through the US Copyright Office and is listed in the US Library of Congress under the authors name .
The official ISBN numbers for this book are:
ISBN (13) 978-0-9793001-2-7
ISBN (10) 0-9793001-2-6

Several works within the book are individually registered and listed in the US Library of Congress, and this book provides the individual Library of Congress copyright numbers within each of the artworks photo captions.

If you are interested in purchasing a HAND SIGNED and HAND NUMBERED LIMITED EDITION copy of this book - (hand signed and numbered by the author/artist himself) simply send an email to the artist at and request directions for purchasing a signed copy. (please remember- The earlier you request your signed copy, the lower your books number will be.)



About the Author

Joseph C. Kenyon
josephkenyon Ambler, PA, USA
Mr. Joseph Clark Kenyon is a full time artist specializing in oil painting, sculpture, & photography. Joseph does not limit himself to any specific medium and often combines mediums to create very interesting and unique artwork. For him, art is a collection of "Treasures." His paintings are primarily oils on canvas or wood panel and have been described with words from the surreal to the sublime. Each painting reveals the soul of the subject as well as the soul of the artist. Many of Mr. Kenyon's paintings and works of art are listed & visible in the US Library of Congress. Joseph is an accomplished metalsmith & sculpts elegant creations from precious metals and gems. Hand hammering, casting and forging silver, gold, steel & copper into lavish swords, daggers, crowns, & more, is his passion. To further enhance his metal creations, he adorns them with engravings and precious gems. Each creation becomes another personal "Treasure." His art is collected by people all over the world.

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