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Located in Haiti’s south peninsula, Anse A Veau is part of the tenth territorial department of Haiti called the Nippes Department. It is home to 50,000 people who depend mainly on fishing. Every year, the town welcomes thousands of pilgrams who come to the annual festival of St Yves, which also coincides with the Vodou festivities called Fete Chanpet that celebrate Met Agwe. Many participants follow a path that begins in Jacmel on May 1st for the Catholic St. Jacques and St. Philip, or Papa Ogou in Haitian Vodou, until December 10th at Belle-Anse for Notre Dame de Lorette. The path of the festivities takes one to the heart of Haiti’s small towns. It goes from parish to parish, from church to church, and spirit to spirit. It is a mesh of roads throughout the whole trip to the towns.


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Tony Savino
tonyfoto1 NYC, USA

Tony Savino has been covering Haiti with his cameras since 1987, when he covered the first attempted elections after the fall of Jean-Claude (Baby Doc) Duvalier on assignment for Time Magazine. Those elections were aborted, along with the Haitian people’s democratic aspirations, in a bloody military coup.

Savino continued to photograph the stormy political landscape, which was punctuated by more violent coups-de-etat and counter coups as Haiti’s ruling elite fought for control over the country. In 1990, a popular movement swept the nation, bringing a priest with fiery class and anti-imperialist rhetoric to power in the country’s first democratic election. The eight months that president Jean-Bertrand Aristide was in power saw the beginning of self-empowerment and an accelerated rate of popular organizing. This period came to an abrupt end eight months later with yet another bloody coup. Haiti, whose people heroically defeated Napolean’s army to create the first Black republic, was no

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