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Olaf Gambini: Reclusive Italian artist, former 60’s pop icon, master of the Nothingist school of art, recent resident to Portland, Oregon, and purely fictional goofball.

Gambini is the brainchild of Edward Flynn, Eugenio Marrazzo, and Debra Rapoport. All of us are artists and recent transplants to Portland. Gambini's creation was our way to confront and make commentary on the Portland art scene, which we saw in dire need of reinvigoration. So Gambini was brought forward to ask the big questions: What makes an artist? What is art? And does it have to be so serious?

Olaf Gambini embodies and satirizes the cult of celebrity and ridiculous grandiosity. He is there
to remind us that art is not just images on a wall or items on a pedestal, art is to be experienced. Similar to the art happening's of the 1960's, once again art lovers need to be removed from
their safe confines, and reawaken their appreciation and the sense of magic in art.


About the Author

Debra Rapoport
Pandorah Portland, OR USA
Being a down to earth person and easy to get along with, I try to help to foster a creative environment with my friends and clients. I am receptive to new ideas. I research and delve into what other markets are doing. I strongly believe collaboration with the client at all phase of the process. It puts the client at ease and makes them appreciate all that goes into the creation of campaigns. Keeping dialog open and fresh is key to being successful and cutting edge.

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