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Wildlife in this edition has been photographed in San Diego’s Zoo, Wild Animal Park, and Sea World, in the fall of 2009.

Ideally, animals should be living in the wild, but in captivity they give us an extraordinary opportunity to observe and appreciate the species, which also contributes to the protection of them in the wild. San Diego’s parks belong to the most beautiful parks in the world as they do a great effort trying to recreate the animals' natural habitat.

Traditional animal books are often categorized based on geographical location, species, or function. In this book, organization follows a very basic trait: color. It is a simple concept but it gives a playful touch. Animals that are naturally only related by far common ancestry ice ages ago do suddenly appear to be neighbours as far as color is concerned.

Color in the animal world has different functions. First, it helps to hide from predators trough assimilation with the surrounding shades, usually with the colors black, white, grey, and brown. Second, colors can have a function in sexual mating, where they are used to impress, usually by the males. Third, opposed to assimilation, color that stands out in the surroundings often conveys a thread message to others, indicating that the species is poisonous or dangerous.

Only a tiny sample of the animal kingdom is represented in this book, however, it gives a nice impression of colors and diversity in the wild. Find your favorite animal by color!


About the Author

Wouter Hoogenboom
hoogenboomw USA
Wouter Hoogenboom is a Dutch amateur writer and photographer who currently works and lives in the United States as a neuroscientist in pursue of a combined research and medical career. His Indonesian background and interest in different cultures makes him well connected and drawn to Asian countries some of which he traveled such as Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Publish Date  December 14, 2009

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