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The author, Jerry Day, invites you to accompany him on a journey down lonely desert byways and haunted trails to rediscover the forlorn and forgotten backwaters of the American Southwest; locations long abandoned, yet dreaming in the moonlit stillness of the dark desert night.

Along the way you will rediscover the scenic beauty and mystery only to be found at night in the desert southwest. Your journey will take you past the twisted silhouettes of wind sculpted rock formations and of eerily gnarled vegetation. Your path will also lead you to the abandoned dwellings and mines of the ghost town or to the achingly poignant rock art and cliff dwellings, remnants of an even more ancient people.

All of these subjects and more were photographed at night, often by the light of the Moon. Long exposures, at times lasting many minutes, were used to capture the moonlit landscape. With film for his canvas, a flashlight for his paintbrush, and colored gel filters serving as his oils, Jerry was able to 'paint with light', adding color to shadows and enhancing the mood and mystery of the composition.

Enjoy the journey.

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About the Author

Jerry Day
darksky Highland, CA, USA

Jerry Day is a Southern California-based photographer specializing in nighttime and astronomical photography. Jerry has been an avid amateur astronomer and astrophotographer for many years, but recently has explored other aspects of photographing under the night sky.

Long fascinated by the scenic beauty and history of the desert southwest, his photography reflects this fascination by incorporating the wind sculpted rock formations, gnarled vegetation, and the relic and ruin to be found along lonely desert back roads.

He was educated at Iowa State University where he earned Bachelor of Science degrees. His night photography has been displayed in group and solo exhibitions, including international venues.

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