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“Art can not exist in the absence of design. Art is well-conceived and well-crafted. It achieves a mission, and through it the artist causes her audience to experience a shift in perspective. Design — even when its principles are applied intuitively and unconsciously — is inherent in the process of assessing and responding to all constraints, the media employed, the methods of work, refinement of vision, through to execution and presentation of the finished work. And design is so little talked about, so poorly understood, so frequently denigrated that it took me fifty years to recognize that design is the unifying field of my life's work.”

A short trip inside the mind of a designer who successfully develops works in the seemingly disparate fields of photography, computer software, art, landscape, furniture, and music, “Connecting the Dots”, by tracing details, puzzles, questions, observations and intentions as they inform a body of work, illuminates the art of design.


About the Author

Dawn Stockbridge Epstein
apchaos Concord, MA
Dawn's passion for photography with the gift of a plastic camera. She published articles and photos in the Manchester Union Leader in the late 1970s, and worked in retail photo shops and privately as a wedding and industrial photographer, winning a few regional awards, before she discovered her skill with computers was in high demand. She spent 19 years with companies such as Centronics, Balzers, IBM, Parker Brothers, Lotus Development, and Boston Acoustics, as a graphics software engineer, product designer, engineering manager, and marketing executive. She developed graphical interface infrastructures, games, commercial software, marketing collateral, advertising campaigns and presentation materials. Dawn founded Applied Chaos, Inc. in 1996 to create an internet community around her love of the arts. At the Landscape Institute of the BAC she studies the role of furniture and structure in creating great outdoor places.

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