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Kollage är att fritt sammanfoga med lim. På franska collages, på engelska collages. Jag valde den fransk/engelska benämningen som titel på boken för jag tyckte helt enkelt att det såg vackrare ut.
Samtliga bilder och ord har kommit till under senhösten och vintern 2009. Tapetresterna samlade jag 2005-2006. Då stod det vita huset fortfarande kvar om än på väg att rasa samman.
Boken innehåller 40 kollage, 1 tuschmålning och ca 400 ord. 114 sidor - finns med hård pärm och omslag samt med mjukt omslag.
Kollagen i boken har bearbetats med akvarell.

Collage means to fixate something with glue. The plural form in English and in French is collages. I have chosen this form as the title for the book. All pictures have been made during the late autumn and winter 2009. The wall paper fragments were collected in 2005-2006. At that time, the white house was still there, close to the final collaps. The book contains 40 collages, 1 chinese ink painting and 400 words. 114 pages with a hard cover and a printed dust jacket or with a soft cover. Many collages have also watercolour parts.


About the Author

Bertil Hansson
Bertil Lysekil - Sweden / Goult - France
Visual artist, painter, engraver, photographer. Born 1950 in Lysekil, Sweden. With a remarkable power of observation, the Swedish artist Bertil Hansson focuses his sight onto the most insignificant detail and lifts it out of its place in the entire context. He charges it with magic and space whether the technique is painting, graphic arts or, as is his latest passion, photography. With great intensity he also absorbs the surrounding and transforms reality into abstraction in a way that makes his pictures stand out as familiar for us. This is intensified by the associations they give to different directions in art history. His artistic career has developed rapidly ever since the new millennium when he moved to the south of France and settled in the village of Goult. Since then his artistic desire has felt no constraints and his productivity has grown impressively. He is now in great demand from Scandinavian art galleries and is making several exhibitions every year.

Publish Date  January 05, 2010

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  114 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

Category  Fine Art

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