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Phocused is the first of three to come and Ed Marshall's first attempt at sharing some of his images in a real in your hands way. Ed Marshall has stalked the New York City underground music & artist scene. Capturing some of the most versatile and talented artists throughout the 5 boroughs and beyond. If you have stepped foot in New York City to perform or attend a show, you may not have seen him, but he just may have captured you. Phocused is full of energy, color and beauty, making it a great addition to any coffee table or personal library.


About the Author

Ed Marshall Photography NYC
Dreadman718 Brooklyn, New York

Freelance Photographer residing in Brooklyn, New York.
Born in The Bronx, he now resides in Brooklyn. Ed Marshall fell in love with photography on a hot Summer's day in 1990. He purchased a Chinon CP7M semi-auto SLR after the Canon AE1 his father gave him, had its body cracked in an accident. The purchase of the new camera wasn't made right away. The initial urge to purchase a new camera was to inspire him to write from captured images. Being a musician at the time he found inspiration in still-imagery and went out looking for his music. His photos were seen and purchased by a partner of a well known accounting firm in New York city, just a year later. March 2006 Ed would pick his cameras up again to document the New York City artist/music scene and the world as he now sees it.

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rosadokc says

All done Ed

posted at 10:43am Aug 20 PST


Ijola says

I voted for you ED!

posted at 10:01am Aug 20 PST


JacquiCasto says

This is Great!

posted at 08:59am Aug 19 PST


mafuane says

this insightful photographer captured our story on our wedding day in a way that still amazes me. his versatility, keen eye, and creativity are inspiring. truly talented and this book is no exception! he captures some of nyc's music scenes perfectly.

posted at 12:45am Aug 09 PST


cjcoleman67 says

Vote for EMP - The Unstoppable Ed Marshall!!!

posted at 02:16pm Aug 08 PST


thebandroidz says

ED for PREZ, FREE ED! vote vote vote !!!!!!

posted at 10:16pm Aug 05 PST


bkambui says

I’ve said this in a more private setting but allow me repeat in cyberspace – Ed Marshall’s photography makes me want to be a Rock Star or throw an event just so he can take pictures. However, the more fundamental truth is that Ed Marshall can make anyone and anything look special in his lens, and that is what makes his images so damned brilliant. Some photographers are good with capturing hue, others are good with timing while others are good with framing context and emotions. Ed Marshall separates his talents from the pack because he kicks butt in all of these areas…

posted at 03:31pm Aug 05 PST

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