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A Journey into Digital Art and Poetry Exploring from The Year 1984


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Nicholas Leslie
NicoOptical Earth

© Nicholas Leslie A Journey into Arts/Humanities Exploring from The Year 1984.

Encounters Across Your Minds Horizon Peace be With You.

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sg55ch says

As soon as Nic released his book, Back to Life, I knew I had to buy it. I knew it couldnt be anything short of fantastic! When I read the book, I knew I was 100% right on!! Ive known Nic for a long time and I know he will put his heart and soul into any work he does. The digital artistry is amazing and shows Nic's true and natural talent!, The poetry seems as if it was written for whoever may be reading it, and speaks right to their hearts, male or female. I highly recommend this book for anyone!!

posted at 02:03pm May 20 PST

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