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The Expedition-Earth Team: Ruan & Tina de Flamingh with their dogs Akela and Gulliver (new to the team) are still on their legendary journey - Expedition CHARGE Across Europe - 8000km purely on foot from the northernmost point of mainland Norway to the southernmost point of mainland Greece.
The Photo Yearbook 2009 tells their story in pictures ... the journey on foot from Tallinn (Estonia), through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

"The Walkers" fought through one of the toughest winters, nearly lost their loyal companion, Akela, due to a life threatening in-fection in the uterus, crossed their "Halfway Mark", pulled their heavy trailers across the Carpathian mountains and struggled through the incredible summer heat of the Hungarian Puszta.

Photo Yearbook 2009
120 pages of pure adventure with over 175 breathtaking pictures

Das Expedition-Earth Team: Tina & Ruan de Flamingh mit ihren Hunden Akela und Gulliver (neu beim Team) sind noch auf ihrem legendären Trek - Expedition CHARGE Across Europe - 8000 km ausschliesslich zu Fuss vom nördlichsten Punkt Festland Norwegens bis zum südlichsten Punkt Festland Griechenlands.
Das Fotojahrbuch 2009 erzählt ihre Geschichte in Bildern... ihren Trek zu Fuss von Tallinn (Estland), über Lettland, Litauen, Polen, Slowakei und Ungarn.

Die "Walkers" kämpften sich durch einen harten Winter, verloren um ein Haar ihren treuen Kompagnion Akela durch eine lebensgefährliche Gebärmutterentzündung, überschritten ihren "Halfway Mark" (4000 km), zogen ihre schweren Anhänger über die Karpaten und erlebten die unglaubliche Sommerhitze in der ungarischen Puszta.

Fotojahrbuch 2009
120 Seiten pures Aben-teuer mit über 175 atem-beraubenden Bildern.


About the Author

Ruan & Tina de Flamingh

Ruan de Flamingh was born in South Africa and worked as an adverture (safari) guide for a few years before he moved to Switzerland where he met his wife.
Tina de Flamingh (maiden name Bühler) was born in Switzerland and worked as a social educationalist before the couple took on their first big expedition in 2008.
They are currently walking 8000km from the northernmost tip of mainland Europe (Cape Nordkyn) to the southernmost tip of mainland Greece (Cape Tenaro/Matapan)

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