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This book celebrates penguins! Specifically, Mallagenic, Gentoo, Adélie and Chinstrap Penguins.

We really enjoyed spending time with these extraordinary creatures that make their home in the southern most waters in the world.

They all nest on rocks or grass, but not in snow, which dictates where their nests can be made. The Gentoos, Adélie and Chinstraps build rock nests. If you spend any time with them you will observe the 'rock wars.' A pair will be nest building and one will dutifully find rocks rather far from the nesting site. All the sudden they seem to get tired or bored and decide they aren't going to walk so far to get their rocks. They look around, spot their neighbor's nest and suddenly they pluck a rock off that nest and shouting begins!

Penguins don't fly – their primary means of getting around is either walking or swimming. On land they painstakingly make penguin highways. Once the highway is established they all use it so they don't have to create new trails.

They are champion swimmers and swim miles each day to catch their food. Some can travel at up to 30 kM (insert translation too if not limiting to one region) per hour: darn fast! Photographing them is really tough as they often breach the surface sparingly and they like to travel in groups.

They get along with other penguin species and you will see them sharing space everywhere. When they are relaxed, they stand with their eyes closed soaking up the sun! And they prefer to stand on a high point overlooking the magnificent scenery.

We hope you enjoy spending time with our penguin pals!


About the Author

Cheri Warren
cheriwphoto USA
Cheri loves making images all over the world. Her main passion is around nature and telling stories through images.

Publish Date  January 18, 2010

Dimensions  Small Square  70 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

Category  Education

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