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Discovering Beauty
The process of discovering beauty is as individual as each picture taken ... it's as individual as each person who interprets what they see.
To discover beauty, one must pause and be still long enough for the images to actually register and recognize that what one sees is a gift unique to that moment in time.
To discover beauty, a person needs to recapture the child-like wonder that caused them once to ask "why?", "how?" and "WOW"!
May these few pictures of captured beauty cause you to pause and be still to discover the beauty within.

~ Karen Keyes
** each picture is true in how it was experienced. No picture has been edited for coloring or enhancing of any kind. Some pictures have been cropped to fit Blurbs format.

In John 7:37–39 Jesus says, "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him." He invites us to come to Him and drink. The picture Jesus paints in this verse is a picture of streams of rushing, glistening, cleansing and supremely invigorating water pouring out on believers, and then – in turn – pouring on out from them to affect others around them. What a beautiful picture this provides us: a portrait of true believers experiencing God in their daily walks and allowing His Spirit to flow from them as they are filled by Him. For me that is what this book is about. It documents and vividly displays God’s unique way of flowing into Karen’s life to transform her view of herself, this world and of course, Her Savior. I am certain that through her photographs your spirit will be awakened to His presence in the beauty that surrounds each of us. Through her words you are invited to participate in the journey on which God has taken her. God used nature and a camera lens to fill her, cleanse her, refresh her and restore her. As readers, it is my sincere hope you too will be blessed in that same way, as she willingly shares the streams that have been poured into her life as she faithfully walks with God.

Jackie E. Perry, MS, LPC, NC


About the Author

Karen Keyes
keyestwins Hickory, NC
Discovering beauty looks different for each person. For me, it's been a journey through some very painful experiences and being honest with those painful experiences. I had to choose to keep looking. In the year 2000 there were a series of some unbelievable painful experiences... I was desperate to find something "good"... somewhere. I enjoy being in the woods, up in the mountains or at the beach... My story began to unfold as I returned to my passion for Biology- Botany.. micro or macro. Discovering how God attended to every detail, in every living thing. Combining my interest for Photography and Biology... I began to document those "wow" moments as I realized they were bring me life... After the encouragement from friends, I embarked on the project of writing this book. My husband, David, and I live in the Foothills of North Carolina with our twins, Geoffrey and Katherine and our English Springer, Cody. We have homeschooled the twins since 2001. They graduate in May!!

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ekleidosty says

This is a beautiful book on so many levels! Thanks, Karen, for sharing the many ways in which you see beauty through God's creation, and for encouraging others to see beauty in the not-so-obvious places. You remind us that God is good in the sun and in the rain, in clarity and in obscurity. Your talent lies not only in being able to take great snapshots of God's handiwork, but in being able to interpret what it means to you. Praying God blesses the work of your hands.

posted at 12:39pm Mar 23 PST


keyestwins says

Thank you to all who are visiting! I would appreciate any comments you might have.... I'm getting ready for my next book and would appreciate any suggestions.

posted at 04:41pm Oct 24 PST


ejbrowny says

Absolutely stunning! Love your images.

posted at 04:18pm Feb 27 PST


keyestwins says

scotmish says

Karen has captured, in this charming collection, a glimpse into then mind and heart of God. Allowing the beauty that her camera has captured to sink into your heart will cause you to move on with a lightness in your step because you have touched the eternal.
Should you have a copy of this book? Unless you are as talented as this lady at seeing the mind of her creator in film, I would say a definite "yes!"

posted at 01:07AM Dec 13 PST

posted at 09:31PM Dec 13 PST

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