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Sir Hubert Parry was the son of an artist, married nobility hence his baronetcy, and became professor of music at Oxford University, England. He wrote four symphonies that lay forgotten till recently, but is renowned amongst Englishmen as the composer of "Jerusalem", the coronation processional "I was glad" based on some verses of Psalm 122, and he was the composer of the hymn tune "Repton"

These fine works are classics in their own right, but one felt it was too hard to hear the words in the tumultuous orchestration so I have reset these works for SSAATTBB 'a cappella' choir with organ interlude. These are not arrangements. Rather, they are radically new. Without doubt the purists shall wince, but I think my treatment of these works is a vast improvement.


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artlook Christchurch, New Zealand
Born 1940, in New Zealand Army 1960 -1964 serving in Malaya for two years. Founded the Ron Naylor Art School in 1964. Trained as an organist and compose for that instrument and symphonies for orchestra. Started breeding rhododendrons in 1985.

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artlook says

Thankyou Cathy

The Internet has the potential to be an enormous resource for information, and for instance one is able to download out of copyright music within seconds which is an enormous advantage to a musician. I appreciate your comment about my website, and glad you enjoyed your visit to it. Call again !

If you know an aspiring artist tell them to paste
into their browser to access some of my art tutorials which are free, and there for people to use.

Ron Naylor

posted at 01:45am Feb 07 PST


craben says

Mr. Naylor,
Thank you for the kind comment on my book. It's amazing that someone clear across the ocean from me can access my work. I have also checked out your website and am amazed by your work. You are indeed a gifted artist in so many arenas. The best to you. ~Cathy Raben

posted at 08:43pm Feb 06 PST


artlook says

Thankyou Monique

I have had an interesting life full of adventure, intense study in several scientific and cultural disciplines, good and bad personal experiences, and living modestly I have never been encumbered by such trivia as wealth or social status.

As an art teacher I have met an extraordinarily diverse range of people, notably from a five year old boy who could discuss the Theory of General Relativity in detail through to drug addicts so debilitated that in drawing a portrait they sketch an inverted numeral seven with a dot near the top. I've seen the glad, sad, mad, and bad !

Currently, a student of mine is a sixteen year old girl with an acquisitive mind coupled with high intelligence. Her academic interests are intellectual music, physics, and mathematics, which combine to make her a pleasure to teach as she listens intently to everything I have to say. She calls me a philosopher although I think that is a bit generous.

into your browser and you will be able to listen to MIDI files of the music that are a coarse approximation of how they sound in reality. In particular the "Jerusalem" MIDI file does not begin to convey the richness of the Parry / Naylor setting.

Ron Naylor

posted at 10:26am Feb 04 PST


naenae29 says

Thank you Ron for posting a comment about my book. I feel very humbled that God would choose to use me in any way. I've had a chance to look at some of your books......GOD has certainly used your life in a mighty way! God bless you! If we don't meet in this life, we'll talk in Heaven! Monique

posted at 08:40am Feb 04 PST


artlook says

Thankyou Robert,

At the time Parry set William Blake's Poem "Jerusalem" to music two years before Parry's death, Blake must have seemed an avant garde individual. Academics push his art, poetry and other writings as being the works of a genius, but I have never warmed to his creative style personally.

I'm currently working on Te Deum Laudamus which is rather long, so I am not rushing it as I want to maintain interest throughout. Other material is sketched in so far but not harmonised as yet.

An excellent idea leaving a copy of your book in each hotel room you stay in on your travels. An American friend of mine with specialised interests travels for holidays internationally with his wife twice a year so they know people in a wide range of countries.

Ron Naylor

posted at 09:21am Feb 02 PST


Rmiltenberg says

Fascinating Endeavor, Mr. Naylor.
Quite a mission you set out for yourself.
And quite the accomplishment. I congratulate you, Sir.
I also humbly thank you for your kind words about my book,
-I travel frequently and make sure to leave a copy of it in each and every hotel room i stay in.

The best of success to you in all your future pursuits.
-Robert Allen Miltenberg

posted at 07:04am Feb 02 PST

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