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Have you ever wondered what you would see if you took a kaleidoscope out and about with you, and directed its amazing optics at all sorts of everyday scenes and objects?

Self-confessed 'details' photographer Nigel Williams has taken his obsession with extracting abstract fragments of the things he sees around him to the next logical step: that is, to replicate these 'extractions' many times and re-assemble them in unfamiliar ways (just as a kaleidoscope might) to create completely new worlds.

This book is the result: a collection of fascinating new images which encourage the viewer to look at the world around them with a renewed interest.

The book is divided into two parts, to satisfy the needs of two different approaches to the images: the main part contains solely images, accompanied by simple captions, no more; the second part behaves as a reference to the main part, describing the artefact or scene from which each k-scope image was derived, along with the source image for each one. So, for those viewers who would like to 'retain the magic', the images can be viewed in isolation; for the curious, who are intrigued by the images, and want to know more about them, the secrets are there in the second part!

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A 'blog' website supports the book, continually supplied with new K-scopes images (usually one each week). Every three months or so, a K-scopes magazine is published, populated with accumulated images from the blog. This provides viewers and book buyers with the opportunity to contribute to the magazine, through their comments to the blog.
The blog website is here:

The book received a favourable review by Jeff Meyer in Amateur Photographer magazine (the world's oldest consumer weekly photographic magazine) in their 1st May 2010 issue. Jeff's review stated:
"Williams has created an intriguing series of images in which he's taken his subject, copied it, flipped and rotated it to create a picture in a style that might be created through the use of a kaleidoscope. This is one of the more unique books we've seen in a while, and some of the subject choices are quite clever. Best of all, in back Williams shows us thumbnails of the original pictures from which he took his subjects to give us a sense of wider context. This book is a clever lesson in always looking closer at the smaller details."


About the Author

Nigel Williams
NigelW369 Berkshire, U.K.
After a long career in computing, automotive design, animation, multimedia and photography, Nigel Williams has finally been pursuaded to let some of his images loose on the world! For more information, please see

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