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Wondabubba and the Big Splash is a story about a young boy that lives in a wonderful forest. His home is a tree house on top of a sycamore tree filled with amazing things. At the base of his tree house is a pond full of talking fish. One day a powerful tornado comes to the forest and destroys Wondabubba’s home as well as the home of his aquatic friends.

The adventure begins for Wonda when he must find a way to bring water back to his friends. However in order to get the water, Wonda must get permission from Old Man River! Will Wonda save his friends or become the victim of the villainous Undertow?

This story is an adventure in earth sciences, filled with fun metaphors, and stunning images for children of all ages.


About the Author

Gary Giles
wondabubba Philadelphia, PA

Mr. Giles began writing stories for children when his firstborn daughter Je’Near was 1 in 1983. His occasional theatrical touring motivated him to record the stories for her to go to sleep by when he was on the road. After his mother became ill…she encouraged Gary to make sure that his first story “Wondabubba…” got published. It was her last request to Gary before she passed. After finally recording the story in a professional studio and many years of searching for the right illustrator “Wondabubba and the Big Splash” (the multi-media experience and book) is ready for the public and children everywhere. You can now see segments of it at by typing “Wondabubba” into the YouTube search engine. Visit his website at .

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