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A collection of images celebrating the beauty of water in the landscape.

Inspired by the natural sense of calm and stillness to be found near the water's edge at those special moments where light and form come together.


About the Author

Martin Hall
Nobbinumnut Chatham, Kent, England

The fascination with photography grabbed me when I was 17, on a holiday on the Greek island of Aegina. I was using a Ricoh compact 35mm camera, which due to youthful excitement ended up at the bottom of the hotel pool!
My next trip was with an old Pentax that my father had leant me - the results were awful, but the bug had bitten me.
That was 24years ago and much has changed with the technology employed in creating an image. However my belief remains that the final print should represent the experience of being present at the time the shutter was released.
With an affection for shoreline views and monotone imagery I enjoy exploring coasts for inspirational shots.
I love early morning jaunts to the sea, which is just as well as the rest of my daylight hours are split between bringing up a couple of kids, marriage to my very understanding wife and work as a consulting engineer. It’s a challenge and some days become a bit manic – but it’s fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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janecushnie says


After all the years we have known each other, I can honestly say I did not know that you take such beautiful photos. I wish you all the luck in the world, and when fame and fortune comes your way, just remember your friends. xxx

posted at 06:38am Apr 02 PST


Nobbinumnut says

Thanks Brian, good to see you are keeping the faith-look forward to peeking at your book soon.

posted at 01:24am Feb 19 PST


FunkySlug says

How freaky is that Mr Hall.... I'm just in the process of putting together my own book too with some of my better images... And d'ya know what, I don't even recall you being in to photography all those years ago... It's one heck of a book there mate with some cracking images, and a worthy cause too... All the best... Brian

posted at 03:28pm Feb 18 PST


johnu says


Thank you for the gift of the incredible beauty of your photos that show the power of pure simplicity. The colors you have captured brought out your subjects at their very best offerings. You must know the sunsets and moons personally as a friend. Your work transports us from one world into another, where time stands still, where beauty and serenity abound, and we are immeasurably far better off because of it all. Your images are a place many will go to to find places of rest for the soul. Congratulations!
John Ulatowski

posted at 07:35pm Feb 06 PST


anatma says

Amazing photos!

posted at 12:21pm Jan 28 PST


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