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Bill Bosler
billbosler Jenkintown, PA 19046
My dog died and bios escape me.

Publish Date  January 29, 2010

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  48 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

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billbosler says

runningwild, I draw and paint what comes through me. For example; I visited and worked in Tanzania for a very short time. But during that time I made alot of friends. One friend in particular, a pastor, and his wife who operate Irente Rainbow School for the disabled. As I started to draw the faces of the people I met...I learned to my dismay, that Pastor Kabanga had been murdered by highway robbers. Another example is that I wanted to paint a series based on my son who has cerebral palsy. The photos I took were found by the care giver and reported and I was investtgated for shooting pictures of my son's body which is severly affected by CP. I had the intention of finding the strongest lines in the shapes and creating a series of bold brush strokes, not unlike some Japanese work. For 3 years I would read the newspaper, and start a drawing, then go to church and finish the drawing based on the sermon.
I have lived in the ghetto of Windhoek Namibia, and found the people to be happy, friendly and without need. With all of that, plus my trip to ElSalvador where I stood on the ground the the remains of the residents of 3 entire villages are buried after being shot by government troops sponsored by my country, I simply let what comes through me happen. My wife is divorcing me because of the same reason. I paint sad things and they do no sell. I am trying to paint a horse at this moment, and it is a horrible struggle. One of my friends has returned from Haiti, where he grew up. I am going to paint a portrait of him. Hopefully his vibes may change me. I am so very thankful for your comment. It is a serious deeply felt thank you. I am approaching 63 years old, and plan to buy a flat in Namibia, and paint the beautiful landscapes. They are so beautiful that one may find it hard to paint them if for staring endlessly at the barrage of color I have never seen together. I looked at one of your books before writing this; the question you ask me is fitting compared to the width, depth and atmosphere of your work. Perhaps I am myopic. Perhaps I will change when I move to Namibia next year. Or not. But, I am flattered that you took the time to view the stuff I did. I use the books mainly as a means to show gallery owners my work. Your books tell wonderful stories. I envy you.

posted at 09:29am Jan 30 PST


runningwild says

you can draw and paint so why do you paint such sad things?

posted at 07:17pm Jan 29 PST

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