Click to preview The Best of Today's Photo, 2009: Photographs and Journals of Emery Roth II (13 x 11) photo book

What's down the trail, over the next hill or past the next town? How has it changed over time? Those are the kinds of questions that keep the author wandering and capturing those wanderings in daily writings and photographs.

This book is culled from a year of such wandering in order to take you along on the journey, understand its continuity, and share its impact.

This deluxe, large format edition was fully re-edited from the original version. The larger size permits larger photos and a more gracious layout and choice of fonts.


About the Author

Emery Roth II
erothii Northeastern United States
Emery Roth is a writer, photographer, & wanderer; a graduate of Carnegie-Mellon U. with degrees in architecture & literature. He seeks to capture the many moods of the land & hopes his work speaks with the immediacy of music.

Comments (4)


erothii says

Friends, thank you for your comments and encouragement. Marc, I'll share those secrets when I become an artist, whatever that may be. Deborah, Ahhh! The Musical!!! I better get to work on it before my ears are entirely shot. Frank, the finished book looked fine, but I want to write you to find out if you have any tips on color management on Blurb. The colors all look accurate, but in direct comparison with the MyPublisher version they were slightly less vivid. I know Blurb says they do not honor color profiles, but they do offer some tips for converting to CMYK. I'll be in touch.

posted at 04:13pm Feb 03 PST


markymarc says

Dear Ted,
This tome truly expresses your talents as a photographer. It is a gallant effort that shines the spotlight on what enables a photographer to see things that the ordinary observer misses. In a sense, this publication excites the secret “voyeur” in me that hungers for the understanding of how creativity works in an artist. You have succeeded beyound my expectations with this marvelous effort. Best wishes for the success of this magical book. Seeing it on-line blew me away! I loved it!
All best regards,
Marc Martin

posted at 07:27am Feb 03 PST


DeborahMends says

I can't believe how GORGEOUS this looks! "A triumph" says The New York Times. "A moving epic from a name sure to become one on every lips" says The New Yorker. "Soon to be a Broadway musical", trumpets the New York Post. "Oh la la, comme c'est si bon!" (Wow it's good) says Le Monde. "Chérie, je pourrais en avoir un pour mon anniversaire?" (Honey, can I have one for my birthday?) Mme Sarkozy was noted as saying. What a success!

posted at 10:06pm Feb 02 PST


frankLavelle says

Congrats on a beautiful first effort. How does the hard copy look?

posted at 06:01pm Feb 02 PST

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