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As a werewolf, you mate once, for life. Fact. When Sebastian found his mate, he thought it would be easy to claim her, but nothing is ever that simple.
The one unchanging rule of life as a werewolf is that you mate for eternity and no mating should be easier than one between two wolves. With the instinct guiding them to each other and held beneath the sway of the moon, Sebastian and Erica were irresistibly drawn together. Sparks flew the moment they met, but then she ran from him and the problems began to multiply.
Sebastian is a rarity among his people, a werewolf well known for his calm, his ability to keep a cool head in all situations but when he met Erica everything changed. The instant he saw her, he knew he would never want another and the inner wolf he had so studiously kept leashed came to life. His wolf wouldn’t accept another female and he was confident hers would ensure her she accepted him. His dreams for the future were quickly dashed, the instant she knew who he was she fled from him.
Sebastian couldn’t understand the fear he’d seen in her eyes once she’d found out she was his mate, couldn’t understand why she wanted nothing to do with him when everything inside of him was demanding that he hold her close and protect her from every harm. He’d done everything right and still she reject him and his legendary calm begins to falter. But he's determined, after all a wolf only finds his mate once in his life, and he won't let her go. She’s his, even if she doesn’t know it.
With internal turmoil eating away at them and external threats looming will the oath that binds them be strong enough to keep them together?


About the Author

Jennifer Alli
Jennyt82 London, United Kingdom

Publish Date  February 07, 2010

Dimensions  Pocket  362 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Romance

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ot3plover says

this was published on my birthday!!!!

posted at 09:23am Oct 05 PST


runningwild says

good grief

posted at 07:34pm Feb 07 PST

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