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Through Zen, there developed a way of life which concentrated on direct experience rather than on rational creeds, sacred books or dogma tenets. Wisdom was passed, not through words, but through a lineage of one-to-one direct transmission of thoughts and images from teacher to student.

This is where I find the spirit behind creating images and thoughts in 'Zen and the Art of Modern Photography'. These images emphasize simplicity and grace without underlying meaning, which to me is itself profoundly meaningful.

As the images of other photographers have inspired me to explore the world, I hope that my own contributions will inspire others to do the same, finding new perspectives and insights in their own mind's eye.


About the Author

Tomasz Kiebzak
tkiebzak Fredonia, WI USA

Tom's forty-plus years of experience as a photographer, jazz flugelhorn player, writer and abstract painter have given him the opportunity to travel the world, capturing vivid still life, nature and cultural images.

Starting with 35mm film, eventually graduating to 2 1/4 then 4x5 and now in the digital world, Tom has had featured photos published in web sites, brochures, gallery exhibits, posters, CD covers, and cover/feature story photos for various publications. Tom brings a wide array of experience as a studio, event, landscape photographer, and educational artist-in-residence.


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