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Ryan Sutherland is a typical alpha male led by the impulsive desires of his inner wolf: rash, aggressive and proud. He’s always been confident of his ability to claim his mate while his personality remained unchanged. With both his cousin and brother mated, his wolf begins to make its desire for a mate known. He finds Chloe completely by chance and her humanity does nothing to change the plans he’d made for himself decades ago. The instinct, after all, is never wrong and he’s confident that she’d come to love him given time.
Under different circumstances Chloe might have been flattered by the attention of a man as attractive as Ryan but to her, her kidnapper is nothing short of insane. Werewolves don’t exist, a fact she has been trying to make clear to her family for most of her life. Ryan claims to be werewolf and under the belief that she’s his mate proceeds to abduct her from everything she’s ever known. When all her attempts to escape end in failure, Chloe becomes increasingly resigned to her fate with the stranger who has her body completely in his thrall.
Immersed in Ryan’s world, she quickly finds that all he’d told her was true. But her presence among the wolves is unwanted, her unknown link to their ancient enemy too strong to be overlooked. Danger quickly comes to surround her as foes both new and old make themselves known. Through it all Ryan is unrelenting in his attempts to protect her, wearing away her reservations about linking her life to a creature of myth who has many all too human flaws. As hatred thaws into like and like blossoms into love, the unanswered questions about Chloe’s roots come to the surface and threaten not only Ryan’s life but the existence of all werewolves.
With the power to change the fate of all wolves will Chloe turn her back on all she’s ever known to embrace a life with Ryan or will his pride push her away and condemn them both?


About the Author

Jennifer Alli
Jennyt82 London, United Kingdom

Publish Date  February 07, 2010

Dimensions  Pocket  354 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Romance

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JoSnyder says

This has to be the best series I've ever read about Werewolves...and believe me I've read I lot.

posted at 11:34am Dec 11 PST


timetwilight says

I love this book it is my favourite book that I have read so far if you haven't read this book already I advise you to read it. But you should read the 1st two books that are before this 'A Wolf's Duty' and 'A Wolf's Oath' which are also good, but this book is the best in the Wolfs Series.

posted at 04:13am Oct 16 PST

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