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I love architecture and have filled this book with many of the photos that I shot all over the world. I prefer abstract shots because they tend to allow one to be more creative. I hope you enjoy.


About the Author

Gregory Nance
gln3066 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
I have always been drawn to the arts and enjoy taking in the beauty and intricacies of the world around me. From architectural prowess to nature's exquisite subtleties, I express my deep appreciation for the complexity and abstract nature of our world through the lens of my camera. Ok, that sounds a little too highbrow! I've been taking pictures for about 12 years and LOVE it. I love Blurb and am hoping to publish some great books.

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erickrice says

Greg.... this is wonderful... I particularly love your use of odd angles and different perspectives.... well done my friend!

posted at 03:11pm Feb 09 PST

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