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Confirms the divinity of Jesus through parallels in scripture. Confirms the divinity of the Bible through parallels in scripture. Confirms the Church will become the Bride of Christ at the Rapture and before the Tribulation through parallels in scripture. Confirms Israel will be saved in a day through parallels in scripture. Gives hope to the hopeless.


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Debbie Stopforth
samaria11 Tulsa, Oklahoma
I attended Grace School of Ministry in Tulsa, Oklahoma and have authored several books, but "Mary and the Woman of Samaria, a New Testament Parallel" is the first to be printed. My next book to appear here will be "Adam's Carmel Apple, an Old Testament Parallel." Thank you for looking at my book, and please leave me your comment(s).

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samaria11 says

Thank you Anita 546, what a beautiful comment.

posted at 09:28pm Feb 22 PST


anita546 says

This book is a wonderful read. The author is obviously a Christian and writes with insight from the Holy Spirit. It is interesting and insightful. It will be a treasure in my collection -- one to pick up and read from time to time.

posted at 07:36pm Feb 22 PST


samaria11 says

Thank you for your comment runningwild - I take that as a very good first comment!

posted at 07:06pm Feb 17 PST


runningwild says

sort of a religious da vinci code with a cheeky angle about women in jesus' life

posted at 05:56pm Feb 17 PST


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