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This book is a pictorial map of the Holy pilgrimage 23 Christians made to the Holy Land at the turn of the year 2010. This encounter was deeply spiritual and gave all of us the opportunity to come face to face with the Spirit of God through the sights, sounds, smells, and touch of the holy places and artifacts we experienced. This book is a blessing to all who read and enjoy its contents.


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John Tartaro
tartajo1 Melbourne, Florida
Although my primary occupation is Information Technology, I have always had a passion for Photography. Being a family man, my primary focus is to my wife and children so I have not gotten the opportunity to really expand my photography further then the USA until recently. My first book on Blurb is our trip to Europe in 2007 aboard the Celebrity cruise ship the Millennium. I recommend it highly. My equipment is primarily Nikon. My main camera is the Nikon D200 and I have an assortment of lenses spanning from wide angle (10mm) to telephoto (500mm). The large majority of photographs in this first book, Europe 2007, were taken with a Nikon 18-200MM lens. Although I’m generally pleased with this lens, especially it range of capability, its sharpness in some areas is less then I hoped for. But for traveling, you can’t beat the universal capabilities of this lens.

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Codetalker4 says

John Tartaro has done an outstanding job of capturing the trip in it's entirety. I believe that when outstanding photographers act, they take all of us in their hearts and souls back to the very place where they found their purpose. They become photographers for the ages. there is no other place in this life to learn such a thing. He not only loved this proving ground (the holy land), he proved he was up to its demand.

posted at 11:33am Feb 21 PST

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