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"I was captivated by the tall woman strutting down the wide aisle with a smile on her red, red lips. Slanting yellow sunlight enfolded her like an honor guard, shadowing her tanned skin, highlighting the tight red curls of hair falling around her shoulders. By cinching a belt above the swell of her hips, she turned a shapeless white lab coat into a kind of minidress. The bottom edge hiked up past the middle of her thighs. The rest of her legs, covered by a pair of sheer nylons, ran down and down and down forever. They were the longest legs I’d ever seen, and they took my breath away."

Emily is beautiful, sexy, funny, and a heap of trouble. Everyone sees it except Graham Merkin, a medical student who has just found the strangest thing wedged behind a pink wad of bubblegum…in the backside of a cadaver. Together with his colleagues, Graham will expose an out-of-this-world conspiracy involving mad doctors, bug-eyed police, and maybe even Emily herself. Nothing is what it seems, and even when the answers come, they only raise more questions. Somehow, Graham must decide what’s real and what’s a smokescreen, and since he was never meant to know what he knows, the clock is ticking, and everybody’s looking for him.


About the Author

Nik V. Markevicius
jekieu Aurora, IL
Nik V. Markevicius is a half-crazy wordslinger who lives and breathes all the what-ifs that pop into his mind, often turning them into unusual fiction. He is the author of 8 novels, dozens of short stories, and is the Aurora area Writing Columnist for In addition, he occasionally teaches fiction writing workshops. Not only does he hear the little voices in his head, he argues with them. Read Nik's stories on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks. Nik's Website: Like Nik on Facebook: Nik V. Markevicius Follow Nik on Twitter: @loggyd

Publish Date  February 19, 2010

Dimensions  Pocket  282 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Science Fiction & Fantasy

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casethejoint says

Nik is a sick puppy! The book is very entertaining. It kept me flipping pages even though I had a ton of other things to do. When is the next one coming out because I will be the first in line.

posted at 07:37pm Apr 05 PST


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