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Go back in time (1950's- 1965), to a place (rural Ireland) you will never have experienced, never will experience, except for one brief moment now.


" could i just tell you how beautiful your poetries are, I have been reading how 'writing overcame grief' again and again. I couldn't stop crying everytime I read it. "
Lin Xin

" to be read alone with many tears " Helen

' 我特别喜欢你的语言
对于很多自然的描写 我十分喜欢
文字很有画面感' sarah


About the Author

Mervyn Cooke

Written shortly after the death of his father , this is the author's first attempt at writing.

Publish Date  February 23, 2010

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  26 pgs   Standard Paper

Category  Poetry

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derryboy says

A pig mom is playing with her childs
A little girl is driving a tractor.
A kid is nestling his father and touching a horse...
Love and the childhood happiness are filled in your book.
You let me remember my childhood, thank you!

猪 妈 妈 正 在 和 她 的 孩 子 玩 耍
小女 孩 正 在 开 拖拉机
孩子 依偎 在 爸爸 怀里 抚摸 小 马
书中 饱含 了 爱 与 童年 的 幸福
你 让 我 想起 了 我 的 童年 谢谢
(submitted on behalf of Fang, a reader from China)

posted at 04:40am Feb 03 PST


derryboy says

你的書字裡行間及照片透露了過去的點點滴滴所帶給你的美好回憶, 與家人與大自動的互動是這樣珍貴, 是一本溫馨且發人深思的書, 愛身邊的人就要即時讓他們感受到,若等到失去的一天, 心裡有再多想說的話想對他們表達,就為時已晚了.

(submitted on behalf of reader from China)

posted at 02:25am Oct 29 PST


timmima says

This is a most moving and delicate account of childhood, of family and of work. It is told simply and purely through photos and poems, yet evokes a seemingly bygone age which, in truth, has only just passed. Wonderful.

posted at 06:14pm Feb 23 PST


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