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In one of those middle of the night moments when you suddenly wake from a sound sleep... this book was born.

Having been asked repeatedly why I moved here... why I paint what I paint and what inspires me to do so. This book is the answer. It is all of the inspiration, vision, hard work and reasons wrapped up in one package. Not so much how but why I choose these subjects and why I feel it is important to do so is all in the book. A glimmer of light and color as seen through my eyes I have tried to show what I consider some of my most important works. Maybe not earth shattering 'beautiful' to most but never the less a record of my time in this place why it is important to me to record it.


About the Author

Linda Norton
linda717 Camden, Maine, USA
Water colors my world and has affected my life since age six when I first discovered paint....specifically watercolors. Mother was an artist and first introduced me to art. The introduction was clever and casual and art was never forced but just a part of my life. When time permitted Mom a former Pratt student worked on her oils and on special occasions we would go to a museum. The Wardsworth Anathema when in Connecticut or the Farnsworth Museum when in Maine. Throughout all the years I never remember being led in any specific direction but rather exposed to all types of art and artists. My choices were my own and when I settled down it was Watercolor and realism that decided on, I must admit that a lot of that decision was because of Andrew Wyeth, Turner and Winslow Homer. Over the years I have worked to improve my technique and be true to my style. This book is a collection of some of my favorite places and things that color my world and keep me painting.

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