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Light Fusion focuses on capturing images from everyday objects or scenes in which light dances uniquely against the shadows of darkness and contrast. Using motion as a drawing tool to fuse together a galaxy of complex color and shapes, the camera is enticed to be an equal partner in shaping an intriguing journey with mysterious end results.


About the Author

Lollie Ortiz
lollieart San Francisco, California, United States
Lollie Ortiz is an artist living in San Francisco. Educated in design and marketing, she has moved gracefully from a career in advertising to the emerging world of fine art and photograpy. While exploring these passions, she has found the abstract world to real life and pop cultural imagery to be her favorite destinations. The force driving her is the continual discovery of significant words and art in daily life. She also enjoys integrating opposing spaces to maximize expressivity and visual potential in any medium. This exploration embodies her love of bold compositions and the written word, blending all into a personal visual journey.

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lollieart says

Thank you so much for your delightful comments. I also appreciate your suggestion and will do so. Your work is not only inspiring in new capturing horizons from your unique perspective but also colorfully written. My friend, Yeni Alvarez, who is also an actress, editor and creator of With a growing fan base, she is always looking for travel articles. This may help create more awareness for your books as well.

Love to see your website. Please forward. Lollie

posted at 09:46am Mar 06 PST


runningwild says

superlative, sublime .. could you please send this stuff to the royal photographic society creative group ... i am sure they would be intrigued and delighted

posted at 12:22am Mar 06 PST


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