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A free nation does not guarantee opportunity. Though one may be legally free to follow their passions and pursue their dreams, many simply do not have the resources, infrastructure or capital to move forward. It is common for the poor in developing nations to spend much of their day gathering firewood and fresh water, leaving little time to advance their fortunes. Those of us who have been born into well-established western civilizations are privileged. Our ancestors, governments and economies have paved the way for us to excel if we choose to do so. But on unpaved roads, where the poorest of the poor walk, there is no such inheritance. In the short-term, donations or food, medicines and supplies improve the lives of those less fortunate. Volunteerism lends a tangible hand and often assuages a pressing need. Sadly these well-worn, well-intentioned practices do little to ensure a self-sustaining future.
Microfinance may be the answer. Put simply, it is the facilitation of small business loans to poor entrepreneurial men and women who desire to build a better life. With loans of a few hundred dollars they become artisans, open bakeries, schools and shops. Their success flows into the surrounding communities and villages. A single loan influences many. Thanks to these minute sums of money and those who deploy it, positive transformation exists. Microfinance is not charity. It is an auspicious way to invest in our fellow man.


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Aller Beauchamp
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I love beauty, contemporary chic, flawless bodies, perfect make-up and big productions. I also love the truth. I embrace imperfection, in technique and subject. Wrinkles, filth, scars and humble lifestyles are wonderful hallmarks of the human condition. While many turn away form the aspects of life that are unknown, unconventional or unpleasant, I do not. I leave the path so that I may explore, record and photograph that which is rarely seen. There is a de facto practice of categorizing one’s work with a tendency to edit for a target market. I repudiate the need for this. One’s work is their vocabulary and should not be restricted to a few easy words.

Publish Date  March 07, 2010

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runningwild says

brilliant i think some indian chap got the nobel prize for this sort of thing .. bring it to the attention of the european union on the europa page dg dev commission

posted at 05:00am Mar 08 PST


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