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There is so much visual information for us to process that it's easy to walk past the tiniest things without noticing them. When we do spot a hoverfly, a damselfly, or a glistening dewdrop it is difficult to appreciate the level of detail and beauty that exists in these things - the human eye is not really designed for that; we live in a much bigger world.

Macro photography changes all this and, although it is a technically challenging discipline, it is so absorbing that it is easy to become lost for hours at a time inside the incredible world that exists beyond our normal view.

"beyond our normal view - vol. 2" is a collection of 100 macro photographs captured during 2009. The photographs in this 114-page book are arranged in six sections: hymenoptera (bees and wasps), diptera (flies and other two-winged insects), odonata (damselflies and dragonflies), other insects (shield bugs, butterflies, moths, planthoppers, beetles, etc.), araneae (spiders) and flora (plants).

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About the Author

Rob Ault
Rob_Ault Woking, Surrey, UK

Rob Ault is a musician by profession, a macro photographer, and lives in Woking, in the UK.

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kittykono says

Your photographs are marvelous. So beautiful. I too love macro photography. Your damselflies and dragonflies are exquisite.

Kitty Kono

posted at 05:56am Dec 14 PST

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