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Susan Sanford
profraisin Oakland, California

The author has read many books and looked at many pictures, and now she has made her own little book of pictures. Be sure to check her blog for even more words and pictures

per aspera ad astra, y'all

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donnamaloneb says

llos great Susan!

posted at 10:38pm Mar 23 PST


donnamaloneb says

Wonderful Susan!

posted at 10:37pm Mar 23 PST


profraisin says

Sarah- I think you are coming here from the Lewis Carroll Society? My email is on my blog, let's see what we can do.

posted at 08:45am Mar 12 PST


SarahKitty says

Just bought a copy... I meant to buy a calendar last fall and didn't, so am very pleased that you've put out a book! Any chance I can somehow get you to sign it?

posted at 10:24pm Mar 11 PST


bryankring says

Very unique and beautiful. These assemblages create an alternate reality in which the illustrations or printed pages interact with the objects around them. They give the feeling that the characters have escaped from the drawn page and are venturing out into our world. Like a charming hallucination, they are a perfect complement to the story.
I can't wait to receive the book and follow Alice through the rest of the dream.

posted at 10:28am Mar 11 PST


runningwild says

well done ..

posted at 10:16pm Mar 09 PST


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