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If you give someone a camera, they change. Whether they're looking through the viewfinder or a traditional SLR or at the bright screen of a handheld digital camera, they are looking through something. They are putting a lens between themselves and the world. They look, they think, they frame and they consider, something we rarely do in our everyday lives. Then they push the button and they choose. With that button they say, "That!" or "This!" or "That face!" Right or wrong, they have made a choice of what to show us and in that choosing they connect and they exist and there is a record of their time on this earth.
When I went to Tibet I didn't speak the language. I didn't know the area or have any experience with the culture. I came first as a volunteer and second as a photographer to a free school in the Amdo Provence. I brought some cameras and I put them in the hands of the orphaned students at the Tibetan Home of Hope. I let them show me what I needed to know and they looked through child's eyes and they made choices. Through them, I didn't see a portrait of abandoned victims. Instead I saw strength, hope, beauty, love and a future promise for these children.
Tibetan Home of Hope is a home and school for children who would otherwise be abandoned – a home in the deepest sense, where young people receive loving care, food, shelter, medical attention and the practical foundation needed to develop into independent adults with a full appreciation of their Tibetan heritage. Please contact for more information on ways you can help.


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julie Gottesman
juliesteve Nyack, NY 10960

Julie Gottesman has always been drawn to timeless moments. Moments of pause, whether natural or imposed by the lens that reflects so much more than simple composition. The images could be of the iconic or the mundane, but they have power in both their singularity and their role in a greater continuum. Like Indra's net, where the entirety of creation could be revealed in a single, brilliant jewel, each of these images reflects the kinds of moments she sees. Crossing a bridge, waiting to perform or listening to your heart beat underwater; they are personal and universal, solitary and transcendent. Largely self-taught, her work: both photos or editing, is recognized for it's timeless quality. She graduated from the University of Colorado where she studied Fine Art, Philosophy and Comparative Literature. She went on to study with photographers like Eugene Richards, George Holz and Keith Carter (not a likely trio), however she always found inspiration from storytellers and dreamers.

Publish Date  March 16, 2010

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rgustlin says

It's amazing to see this world through these childrens' eyes and Julie's cameras. Great vision and a source of hope. Thank you for creating such a beautiful and inspiring work of art!

posted at 09:18am Apr 10 PST


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