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This work is based on pictures of Native Americans by Edward S. Curtis, shot in the early 1900s, and which are now in the public domain.

I transformed these images by adding elements of modernity which were obviously not available at the time the pictures were taken, and by doing so not only changed their meaning, but convey a vision of a world based on "if".

What would the native American society look like now "if" it had kept its traditions regarding clothing, lodging, social life and so on...

The idea for this project came to me during one of my numerous trips to Indian reservations, this time on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Looking at a young Navajo woman driving a brand new Ford Mustang, I began visualizing what the present reality would look like 'if"...
A mental comparison of what I saw and what Curtis saw compelled me to begin this project, which has evolved into this series of 60 images.

It is an invitation for the viewer to reflect, ask questions, and go behind a re-invented reality.


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Luc Novovitch
lzn USA

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