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Please note that this book contains fine art nudes and is intended for age-appropriate audiences.

In the shadow of one of America's most aggressively conservative religions something extraordinary has taken root; an alternative and counter-culture community unique in all the world. To some it represents an intrusion, to others an antidote. To me, tribe.

I went to Utah early in 2009 to spend some time with my daughter and at the same time investigate the possibility of doing a documentary about the fascinating changes I'd seen going on there. Things were slow-going at first and then all of a sudden it was as if I'd hit the motherlode and there weren't enough hours in the day to photograph everyone I wanted to photograph.

By the time I began wrapping things up for this book I realized that I'd only barely scratched the surface and that I could probably spend years in Utah photographing all of the interesting and beautiful people I'd found there; a spectrum of people who are in so many ways a distinct counterpoint to the population that Utah is most known for.

The images in this collection were created for the pure joy of creating them. I had no one other than myself to please; no paying clients, no agents or editors and no deadlines. Just me and the models having fun and exploring in the moment whatever was there to explore.

This is work that comes from my heart; informed by a lifetime of adventures and fueled by a restless creative energy that's always been a part of everything I do. This is what happens when you leave the rules behind and just go out and have fun with a camera and some really cool people.


About the Author

Tom Clark
beaniecapguy Utah
Born in Alaska, raised in Italy and upperschooled in the US, Tom Clark has long straddled two cultures; drawing at times from each of them to create an amalgam of influences that are increasingly evident in his artwork.

Publish Date  March 17, 2010

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  80 pgs ProLine Uncoated Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

Comments (7)


simplifyinco says

What I find most inspiring about this collection is the fact that this clearly demonstrates the diversity, the breadth, and lushness of Utah. Not the Utah trapped in an archaic belief system, but the new Utah, the bold Utah, the present and future Utah. The artist has a knack, an incredible eye to be able to capture the models in the perfect surroundings. It is a marvelous compilation! Daring and thoughtful.

posted at 08:29pm Aug 30 PST


alikayb2003 says

Tom has captured the beauty and diversity of the landscape and the people in Utah. His talent is unmatched in allowing the viewer to "feel" what he was feeling when he took the photograph. This collection touches me differently each time I look at it. It is a prized possession.

posted at 04:31pm Aug 30 PST


poulakimou says

This collection is simply moving. It comes straight from the heart. I am in eager anticipation for you next compilation Tom.

posted at 12:00pm Aug 30 PST


Farrand says

Impressive images daring and positive chocking
love it, great work

posted at 07:59am Jun 09 PST


bmcclaren says

A beautiful book, chock full of gorgeous images. Bravo to you and your brave models. -- Bill

posted at 12:04pm Apr 13 PST


fotagrafi says

You captured the beauty of the Utahans in an eloquent and thought-provoking way that proves diversity is alive and well in this oft forgotten territory. - Kudos to you and your creative vision, Stuart G.R. Warner W.

posted at 05:34am Mar 20 PST


cillico says

Love the tattoo guy!!! Great work ;)

posted at 06:42pm Mar 19 PST

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